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Hi and welcome to Goomel- a blog all about sharing some of the skills I have learned  about blogging, graphic design and social media tricks. I believe that Sharing is Caring!

I'm Adel Gebeely, an Egyptian tour guide and I work as a Chief Experience Officer (CEO) at Gadventures for several years. 

 I got into blogging and graphic designing in  2012 and it was a result of my passion about movies and and everything appears on the silver screen..

After a while I realized that I have to move further and get myself into blogging and graphic designing professionally.

That's why I had to study  and have something useful.Meanwhile I was working as a tour guide and still have the patience to carry on in this career.

  Blogspot blog was my first Platform and I focused around sharing news, pictures and posts about art and movie stars!

 Then I moved to Wordpress, I didn't like it and I found that they made this platform just to earn money not to help people as it was much complicated than blogger. I came back to blogger and I use it now as a platform for my blog and I'm happy with it. 

If you would like to hear more from me and to get my content, please subscribe and I will keep you updated whenever I have something new!

Thank you for visiting my blog and have a nice day!

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