Is new social network Ello is a serious killer to Facebook?

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Before Six weeks ago, the 47 year old American developer, Paul Budnitz has launched ELLO as a private social network, then as a public version available to everyone to use. The Site looks simpler still in a beta version, with black and white ad-free interface.
When Paul Budnitz started working in his project in January, his main goal was to create a simple platform allows users to keep up with a select group of people, with no annoying advertisement and no data-mining policy. We all know that many other social networks selling your private data to advertisers and data brokers."You are the product that being bought and sold". -Said Budnitz.
Of course no one wants to be bought and sold. But it is a matter of fact that everything you write or post or share it with your friends in other virtual networks are tracked and recorded by data miners and salespeople.
"To me personally, to those who created this network, the Internet has started to suck a bit because people see it as an advertising platform" -said Budnitz in an interview. "We wanted to make the social network we wanted"

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Americas' voice

Is Ello considered real threat to Facebook?

The answer for this question is based on our understanding to the role that social networks play in our life. Everyone should say that the social networks started out young then grown up as a monster. Did you ask yourself why they grow up that fast within few years?. The secret word is the advertisement campaign each one runs. Collecting data from you, me and here, and then sell it to the advertisers and data brokers!. it seems unethical. As Ello doesn't sell your data and private information to a third-party, they still have a great opportunity to get more users. But hey, wait a second!. The web site is not definitely ad-free. But they charge you if you want to download a second application for the mobile devices. Changing the color scheme or having access to business pages are not free too. Which I consider it a big fail in running a website still not popular. People do not like to be forced to buy anything they may do not need.
As you log on to Ello for the first time, the impression you get is big "WTF".

 photo wtf_zps7ca53ca1.png You will not see the regular sign up field as we used to see in most of social networks. But instead you will be asked to request an invitation and agree on their manifesto, otherwise you will be led to Facebook if you disagree!. I do not know, why? Is that somewhat not hidden promotion for Facebook!?. anyway, after you agree you should share the web with your friends in other social networks of course including Facebook. Then, you should put your E-mail to request an invitation. Are we done yet? Of course not. They will not take on your request right after you put your E-mail, but you should wait the approval. I found it is hard to get into it. Few tabs on the interface but too many efforts to log in.

Does Ello can live for a long time or will vanish soon?

Ello is totally serious about users privacy. Our data will not be sold or shared, but we will be asked to buy the premium features of the web site to maintain it to survive. Do you think it is enough reasons to live side by side with other social networks? I doubt for some reason:

1-The web site doesn't look easy and professional enough to appeal more users.
2-It is still in the cradle, and Not many people know it. So it doesn't make sense to request invitations from people I do not know.
3-As most of web sites and social networks provide users free mobile applications Ello charging us to use the mobile version.
4-Ello still in its beta stage and many features are not built yet. The below list is for the built and the upcoming features as they mentioned in ELLO feature list:


  • Simple commenting * @mention pre-population on user profiles * Improved error handling
  • Enhanced user Discovery
  • Fluid grid Noise view
  • Views per post
  • Drag users between Friends & Noise (stilly buggy)
  • Email notifications (Following/Invite Accepted/Mentions)
  • Invitation system & ability to invite friends
  • Network-wide system announcement system
  • Javascript refactor = One Page Application (OPA)
  • In-Stream notifications (Following/Invite Accepted)
  • In-line Emoji integration
  • View Followers & Following lists
  • Welcome post & brief tutorial
  • Re-order fields within Omnibar
  • WTF section (Help, About & Policies)
  • Post #, Follower # & Following #
  • @mentions (update: autocompleter now works!)
  • Shift + 5 toggles between list and fluid grid views
  • Arrow keys hide and reveal drawer & access full-screen publishing mode
  • Ability to make profile visible on Ello network only (on/off)
  • Image compression
  • Follow (Friends/Noise)
  • Unfollow (Friends/Noise)
  • Omnibar post text (basic)
  • Omnibar post text advanced (bold, italic, urls)
  • Omnibar post images
  • Omnibar post animated GIFs
  • Omnibar post Emoji
  • Omnibar delete posts
  • Omnibar edit posts
  • Time stamp displays post detail/permalink
  • Option to toggle Google Analytics on/off
  • Respect DNT browsers settings

    Coming Soon

  • User blocking
  • Inappropriate content flagging
  • Audio integration (Soundcloud)
  • Private accounts
  • Rich (multimedia) commenting
  • Mobile web refinements
  • Repost w/ author attribution
  • Notification Center
  • Online/offline user designation
  • Love + Love bookmarking stream
  • Emoji index
  • Video integration (Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram & Vine)
  • @@ Private Messaging
  • Auto-push posts to other networks
  • iOS & Android mobile apps

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At the end of this post I'd like to tell you something that all what I mentioned above is my own opinion after I navigated in the Ello site. you may have a different opinion I'd share it with us.
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