Top 20 steps to increase your followers on Twitter

First, I would like to say that my post, which will be about how to increase the number of your followers on Twitter, is not the first post about this topic and will not be the last. If this topic is important for Twitter users, it is also important for bloggers and for those who are interested in social networking.

But what makes this post different from the rest of the posts  that have been written about this topic, is that I have collected many tools and methods that will help in increasing the number of followers on Twitter. let me first offer some of the facts about Twitter you probably do not know anything about it.

Facts about twitter

-Do you know that There are 271 million active users on Twitter?
-Do you know that twitter users post an average of 500 million Tweets every day?
-Do you know that 78% of Twitter users login via mobile devices?
-Do you know that twitter is available in more than 35 languages?
-Do you know that Twitter now commands more than $315 million in annual revenue?
-Do you know that The idea for Twitter originally came from an all-day brainstorming session attended by board members of the Podcasting company, Odeo?
-Do you know that the day when Michael Jackson died on June 25th, 2009, The Twitter servers crashed because 100,000 tweets per hour included the pop singer's name?
-Do you know that China is the country with the most users with over 35 million?
-Do you know that Katy Perry is the queen of Twitter over 51 million followers?
-Do you know that YouTube is the most followed brand with over 40 million followers.?
-Do you know that The official name of Twitter's bird is Larry.?
-Do you know that in Oxford English dictionary Twitter means a short inconsequential burst of information.?
-Do you know that you can find your first tweet in First-Tweets
-Do you know that The "unfollow" button was almost called "leave?"
-Do you know Why posts are limited to 140 characters? Because Twitter was born as SMS phone service designed to fit its character limit.

And now let's move to our main topic, which is how to increase the number of followers on Twitter? 

 There are many ways that help us increase the number of followers on Twitter as following:

20 steps to increase your followers on Twitter.

1- Make your Bio attractive.

Twitter gives you just 160 characters to tell people who you are? And, how awesome you are. So Do not waste your space in writing such things people do not care about. Basic bio on Twitter is to include your own picture not just an egg, clear name (Do not use just letters, you are not working in CIA!) and your business interests. 

 On the other hand, if you want more advanced bio, write something reflects your personality. Use twitter Bio generator 

2-People should know your account.

The next step is to tell the world that you exist and you're a real person. promote your twitter in social sites. 

The next step is to tell the world that you exist and you are a real person. Promote your twitter in social sites.   Include it in your Google plus profile, set up a twitter tab on your Facebook page, your LinkedIn and your own blog or website. And even if you are off line promote your twitter.

3-Tweet about something useful

 People do not need to know that you are taking a shower right now, or you are waiting at the bus, or you are chasing rats in your basement!. No. People need to hear about what they want to hear, not about what you want them to hear or even what you are doing now? you have tons of topics to talk about. Be informative and tweet information related to your business or your interests.  

4- Use #hashtags

Hashtag is one of the most powerful tools to get you engaged in tweetchat. Use hashtags relevant to your tweet and keep them to a max three hashtags otherwise you will look very spammy.  

5- Engage people in your tweets.

Do not talk to yourself. Talk to your followers and unfollowers as well. Ask them for suggestions, encourage them to spread out the word and tell others about your business.

6- Use images and videos

 Do you know that 36% of links shared  on twitter are images? The picture says more than a word. If you want to get your tweets shared and to get more followers, include images and videos in your tweets. 

7- Tweet images and videos that hard to get any other way.

People love new, weird and unique images and videos. Provide them some of those. Do not ask me how or where you can get it. Search in Google, dig in the web sites or make it yourself. Believe me your followers will increase every day.  

8- Use Twitter directories Twello  , Wefollow, or TweetFind.

These directories have tons of categories and search features which help you find people who really matter you.

9-Retweet others tweets 

Show your followers that you care about their tweets and you appreciate what they write. Remember, you are not just watching the game. You are part of the game. Ask people to retweet as well. Respond to @mentions if someone has @mentioned you. Respond and do not ignore any of them. People like to see others do praise and appreciate what they write.

10-Join the folks

If you want to get the opportunity to meet new people in your sector, then join a twitter chat  and engage with others. Comment on a relevant chat and trending topics to get more followers. Go to trends in your twitter account and see what people are talking about. Get involved and join them in their chat.

11- Follow  your  linkedIn connections.

This is a great way to gain more followers on Twitter by following your connections in LinkedIn on Twitter. How? It's very simple. Just go to your LinkedIn account and in your connections page select "settings"  From there you will have the option to export LinkedIn connections into a CSV file. Upload the file to your email account contacts. Then, from Twitter, you will be able to import your email contacts, which includes your LinkedIn connections.   

12- Schedule your tweets 

There are some social relationship platforms which help you to schedule your tweets and your Facebook posts from one dashboard, Such as HootSuite - Social Media Tools or tweetdeck.As for me, I use Hotsuite.You can  Sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial of HootSuite Pro and get your free coupon.

13-Follow people who follow your followers

Use a free twitter management tool such tweepi to search for the accounts that follow your own followers. Just follow them. They are sharing the same interests.

14- Follow people recommended by twitter.

Twitter recommends accounts share the same interests you have. You may consider following them as well. 

15- Say Thank you to your followers 

 sending a direct message to your followers, is a great sign of your appreciation. Your followers will respect you more and will not unfollow you unless you get engaged with them.  

16- Use inspirational quotes. 

When people are unable to express something in their own words they use quotes. So seize the chance and use them in your tweets. Quotes are some of  the most retweeted  content on twitter.

17-Use free social promotion networks

There are some of networks offer users free Facebook likes, Twitter followers, subscribers, YouTube views, Google plus circles, etc. they are all free. You just need to sign up and then bang! You earn 200 points every day, which adds more than 20 followers a day.

Try some of them her



Free Likes For You

Note: these sites exchange traffic and do not sell them. To get more followers you have to follow people.  

18- Tweet and Tweet

Spend your spare time in tweeting about your business, but do not just tweet about anything. People will get annoyed and they may unfollow you. People do not need to know what you are doing every minute. Be wise and choose the right time to post the right tweet.

19- Use giveaway and sweepstakes

This is a very useful tool you offer to your followers to win something from you.
Try Sweepstakes and giveaways for free . 

20- Enjoy your new followers.

free.  If you like my post share it with your friends. 
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