How to remove programs and apps which cause harm and freeze your google chrome?

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As everyone knows, Google Chrome browser is considered the safest browser in terms of gaps and threats as it was the most popular among all browsers, whether for computers or smart phones.
I think that the biggest reason for this popularity is due to its applications shop  which provides the browser with an additional features to enhance the ability of this browser. But Google still struggling with the adware applications and other malicious programs that cause huge problems for the browser.
In this article I will give you the ultimate solution to identify and eliminate all applications and malware that may cause a problem for the Google Chrome browser via a new tool Google has recently launched.

How to delete the harmful programs and applications from your browser?

Software Removal Tool is a simple tool to test all these programs and applications on your device and remove the applications and malicious programs that have an effect on Google Chrome. But for your knowledge, this tool is not an anti-virus software, and will not protect you from viruses that infect your computer. And, it will not work with other browsers as well.
Now all that you need is to download the Software. it is a small file (only 4.4MB) and dosn't need to be installed, you just have to run it.
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Then, you run the software to search for the malicious programs. If the software finds any of them it will ask you first to delete them and Google Chrome will be restored to its default state. Do not worry you will not lose the browsing history or bookmarks. The tool clears only the cache, cookies and data sites that you have stored on your computer. It is not a big deal to leave them intact. Get rid of them.

If your device is clean and free of any harmful applications then your Google chrome will be restored to its default state.

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NOTE: The tool is still in beta version and only expect amendments and changes to increase their capabilities in the coming days, the tool will not compensate or will not play the role of anti-virus programs.
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