Why newbie bloggers get tired of blogging?

Why  newbie bloggers get tired of blogging?

It is already so late! Almost 4 a.m. And as I feel bored I decided to write about something new. About what I feel now, or may be about what other people feel. But how could I know the feelings of the others? . Well, what about the night? I can write about the night and its boring silence! Or the weird thoughts I get as I look towards the dark horizon.

I can hear a baby cry coming from the neighborhood, but nothing so far coming out of my mind! What are the benefits of being up and doing nothing or at least thinking about nothing?. Well, I should focus on this situation, being bored even to write something useful in my blog. Did you get tired of your blog and you don't want to even log into it?  Did you feel that It was a big mistake to get yourself involved in blogging? Did you feel that you want to quit to bring some peace to your mind? Did you spend hours and days to find a unique topic to write about and at the end your work's gone with the wind?

Why  newbie bloggers get tired of blogging?
 If yes, let me ask you a simple question: Why didn't you quit  blogging and find something else more interesting? You may say: No, I love it. But sometimes it seems boring, especially when I do not get many visitors or comments. Well, in this article we will try together to put our hands on the causes of the problem, which is that we feel suddenly tired of writing, and we will try as well to find some solutions to keep you active and energetic.

1- Write about what you love.

write about what you love
It is a big difference between writing about 'what you know' and about 'what you love'. If I'm going, for instance, to write 'about what I know'  I'm going to write about everyday work and family life. I'm going to write about travel locations, art, museums, the traffic jams in Cairo city, or why Egyptians don't wear seat belts or helmets as they drive cars or ride bikes!?.  No doubt that everybody thinks that he is doing what he loves. But are you truly doing what you love? Are you writing an article or a post or even a book that you yearn to write?
If so, you may earn a lot to your blog and to your Pockets as well. "Do what you love, the money will follow".
 And when you write about what you love, you will be eager to start your work everyday and won't lose your energy until you finish it.

2-take little breaks. 

Why  newbie bloggers get tired of blogging?Studies within the last few years have shown that skipping breaks, especially after a hard work, can obstruct productivity and reduces our enthusiasm. You can not remain every day and every night, sitting in front of your computer screen to do the same thing without taking a rest. For sure, you'll feel bored.
Standing up and walking around increases circulation to the muscles, which improves your comfort level throughout the day. A good warm bath or a cup of coffee can do the trick! 

Forget about what you're doing, or what you're writing and go out with your bodies and have some fun, so as to reload your batteries with more energy!

3-Write about different topics.

If you keep blogging about the same thing for months or even for years you may consume your vocabulary as well as your thoughts. Changing your style in writing and choosing different topics could give a new life to your site.
Here are 400 topics for essays and speeches  to help you finding new topic to write about.

4-Do not try to copy people and be yourself.

don't try to copy people and be yourself
"Be yourself, everyone is already taken" - Oscar Wilde.
If you're always striving to be someone you're not already, you will bring misery to your life and you will never be a happy person. What I want to say is that you should focus on your goal and try to get the best out of you. You may check out tons of  websites and blogs and  sometimes you have an eager to have your blog exactly the same like other blogs, the same number of visitors, the same number of comments, and the same number of the commercial ads.
 Well, trust me. Your blog or website will never be so until you do your best as the other bloggers did to get their blogs unique and outstanding.

Be smart and try to understand the game, which you should follow almost the same steps, the others followed, to get your goal:

- Do your blog contents have a good quality and they are readable?
- Do you comment on others blog? 
- Do you respond to all comments?.. Just 'thank you ' is not enough!
- Are you familiar with social media sites? If no, then you miss a big part of the game!
- Do you use article directories?
- Do you write guest posts?

The answer to these questions will determine the situation of your blog among the other blogs. 

5-choose the right time to write your articles.

choose the right time to write
"I only write when I'm inspired, and I make sure I'm inspired every morning at 9 a.m." -Peter Devries

Some studies have found that there's a certain time of day when our body is just better at performing certain activities such as writing and other creative activities. 
This means that the best time to get our ideas is right after waking.

However, If you're one of those people who prefer to write at the end of the day, Don't pick the early morning when you're out of service and your mind is not functioning. Pick up the end of the day to write. And If you don't find a time to write; you must create it. 
- Create your own schedule about when and how many days will you be able to write and when you won't (e.g., 5 or 6 days a week)

- Share it with your family and friends so that they respect your sacred time and understand the value of your time.

Now, what do you feel?.. Do you still feel bored and you want to shutdown your PC? Wait!.. Try to re-read this post again and think about it. I promise you, you'll not regret.

P.S. If you want to add something to the previous solutions write it in your comment and let's discuss about it. 
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