Why my site is not showing up in the Search engine (SEO)?

When you are about to establish your website or your blog you might think that as soon as you finish your site the whole world will know about it in one day. Let me tell you something: nobody will even notice that your site does exist. Why? The answer is because search engines don't know anything about it. You may ask now, why search engines don't see my site? Actually, there is some reason:


1- your homepage looks like a Christmas eve’s light! 

    Or looks like ads screens which show nothing but flashy lights and animated characters.

    Write something useful in your home page without those flash splash screens if you want search engines to index your website.

2-You use pictures more than words.

    The search engine is half blind, cannot see the pictures, but is able to see and index the words. So rely on writing than posting pictures.

  3-you are alone on an isolated island.

Imagine that you just write and shout and every day you spend hours to post your GREATE articles on your website, but no one knows anything about your efforts. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!. But trust me, you want everybody to know all about what happens in Vegas. Why is that? Simply, because your site does not link to any other sites.  And if so, search engines will not even recognize your site and will be like the one who writes for himself. 

Exchanging Links With Friends is one of the magic tools to rank up your website in Google search.

This is a simple idea 

4-your site is bare of strong keywords and unique titles

No doubt that Keywords  help you to target the right audience and have a significant impact on organic page rank to search engines. How many of the internet users scroll past the first page of the search results?.

 Choose your keywords carefully and find out what your readers are interested in, and write engaging content around their interests. Use  AdWords toolto search for new words more powerful and more attractive to the attention of your audience.

5- you link out to something is not related to your article.

When you use links never link out to something is not related to your article because you may get ignored by search engines. Moreover, some platforms like WordPress, consider these links as a malware or a spam. And then, you may lose not only your content but your whole site!

6-You're an old-fashioned person who doesn't use social media network sites!

I agree with you that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks are time killers. But at the same time they are a double edged weapon, if you use them just for fun you will say goodbye to your precious time. On the other hand, they are very vital and valuable to promote your website.

Really, If you don't use social networks, you should do it now for the sake of your newborn site.

Add Google plus one button in order to help your readers to follow and share your articles. Read Google SEO Guidelines

500 Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Advice, Hints and Strategy for Business: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and More!

As for twitter and google+ make sure you Add hashtags to your posts to tie them to relevant themes and trending topics which increase the visibility of your site.
Share your posts with your friends and urge them to dig into your site to find the article. (Of course, if they are interested in what you write!)
Don't forget to encourage your readers to re-share your posts.

And if you like this post, share it along with your friends

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