How do you find out who views your profile in Facebook?

Do you really can track who viewed your Facebook profile?
If you have a Facebook account, then this post was written especially for you. And, if you don't have one you can sign up here.
Let's get into the subject without a lot of talk and ask this simple question: Do we really can track who viewed our Facebook profile? The simple answer is, no. We cannot. I didn't say that, but Facebook itself gave us the answer to this question in its Help Center and has emphasized that we can't track any of our elements in our profile page neither photos nor videos. But why Facebook doesn't let people to track who views their profile? Actually for some reason:

1- Facebook Privacy policy

 Facebook doesn't let people to track who looked to their profile because they respect our privacy. If you can see who has been visiting your profile, it means that Facebook Violated the privacy of another person to reveal his information for you.

2-Third-party applications are not the magic wand
Do we really can track who viewed our fb profile?

Any third-party applications cannot provide this functionality even if they claim they can. Facebook considers this type of application a scam and clearly they remove it. Never click on any link, on any application claiming to give the magic way to track who has been landing on your Facebook profile because they are useless and meant to spam you and your friends and hack your account.
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