How to protect your Facebook account from the hackers?

How many times you gave a click on a random app and then Facebook asks you to retype your username and the password?
 How many times you've tried to gain access to a video or a post has been shared randomly in your FB page and you could not because they ask you to offer some likes, or to install an app into your account?

 How many times you have been told that the username and the password you entered to get access to your account is not valid or not correct even though you are pretty sure that the username and the password were correct?

O.k. Now I think I gave you the hint about what I am up to in this post. Here, I will try to show you how you become an easy target for the hackers, and at the same time I will offer you some tips to protect your Facebook account. 

1# - Stealing accounts by downloading malicious add-ons for the browser.

  There are some applications on Facebook when you use it, they redirect you to a page was created to download a certain app to change the shape of your Facebook or to watch your friends' camera? 

Here, the hacker is trying to persuade you by installing this app, that you will get what others could not and you do not know that he planted a malicious program on your computer to steal your account.

2# - Stealing accounts through Hotmail.

This is another method the hackers use to get into your Facebook account which was associated Hotmail Emails. How? 

As the MSN service was suspended and people no longer use it and they do not get into their Inbox often, Hotmail deletes your registration and make it available to a new registration again to anyone.

 In this case, the hackers seize the chance and register to this email again and use a new password to log into your Facebook account. You can read more about this at Microsoft website

3# Stealing accounts through Access Token

This way of hacking by using your Access Token is more powerful than knowing the password itself!.
We know that all the Facebook applications ask your permission to publish or to delete content for you before you get them installed. Right? So how they do that?. I tell you...
Any approved Facebook applications use your Access Token to do that, rather than your password. So anyone knows your access token can access your data and can perform any actions for you. If you want to protect your account, do not use untrusted apps and use HTTPS EVERYWHERE  browser extension which make your browsing more secure.

4# Stealing  by recovering the account through friends

Sometimes when you forget the password and you cannot access your account, Facebook guides you to choose three of your friends to send them a security code to retrieve your account. So, here what the hackers do their dirty work. They have to create three fake FB accounts and then they send a friend request from those three fake accounts to the victim. The victim must accept those requests. Now they use this above “Three Trusted Friends” feature to reset the victim's Facebook account password. 

Note – The three fake accounts must be seven days older, otherwise it will not work. The hacker goes to Facebook and does click on Forgot Password. Then, he gives the victim's Facebook account email or FB username or Profile name and then search

The hacker will get the victims' profile account. He Just gives a click on “This is my Account”. Then, a click on “No longer have access to this”. Now he will be asked to enter a new email address, of course, his own new email address will be the hero! Now Facebook will ask him again to give a security question's answer. Unfortunately, he can just enter wrong answer and he will be taken to the new page. 

Here is the main part of the game. FB will ask him to select three Trusted Friends. There will be a full friend's list of the victims, which also includes your previously createdThree Fake Facebook Account”. He will select that three accounts and then Facebook will send security codes to the three fake accounts and Bang!, your account's gone!!

I know I shouldn't explain it in details, but I have to tell you exactly how they're doing it. 
It is your own choice to help people or to hack them.

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