How to Block Survey pop-ups in Google Chrome

No doubt that most of the internet users have no tolerance to see a survey pop-up or commercial ads on  their browsers every second, and interrupt their focus as they are working on the computer or even play video games. This way of advertising looks like a stranger guy breaks into your house, just to sell you some crap!. of course you will not like him because he did not respect your own privacy. I know what you want to say now: there is no such privacy in this world. Right! But let me tell you something, perhaps the world become very opened to the limit that we are not able to hide anything, but at least we still own privacy that we do not like others to interfere. Anyway, I decided to write a post and share with you the solutions to get rid of these annoying ads. 


If you Use Google Chrome

1- Go to "Customize and control Google chrome" button on the upper right side of the Google Chrome page and click on tools-Extensions.

2-Then, scroll down and click on Get more Extensions.

3-This will take you to chrome web store then type in the "search the store" box  adblocker plus.

4- When you find it, click on the blue button+FREE.

 You can add more adblockers like Adblock, Poper blocker and many blockers in the list you will find. But I think that  Adblock plus and Adblock  are the best.

If you use Firefox

1- Go to Tools button on the upper left of your browser
and click on options.

2-Click on "Content" button and make sure that the block pop-up windows box is checked.

3-For more security, go to "Safety" button and click on it. Then, keep all the checkboxes as shown below checked, and press OK.

4- Drink a cup of coffee and relax, no ads and commercials will annoy you again.

Warning: Some of these adblockers prevent your JavaScript in your blog to work properly and make things do not appear in your blog as it should be.

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