How do you make an extra 200 Dollars from blogging?

How do you make an extra 200 Dollars from blogging

"When it comes to the money, Everyone is of the same religion"-Voltaire. I believe in this quote. Do you believe in it? Everybody has a dream to earn money as quickly as possible. Get rich or die trying. Right? O.K. In this post I am not going to tell you that I will give you the magical way to make you reach in one day! Unless you have a bad intention to rob a bank, but even you may fail and get caught and then find yourself in a jail. So let's agree first that you are not going to be a millionaire from just having a blog or a web site.  

But at the same time I admit that everybody can earn some money online, without having any experience and without any significant effort. Just a simple blog and you can have some cash in your pocket. How?  We do not need any investment strategies or fabricated method. But all that we need now is focusing on what I am going to say and following the steps as I describe below. 

Let's get started

Who will give me 200 dollars?

 HotelTravel is the site that will pay you 200 dollars cash or through your PayPal, this site is one of the highly competent sites in booking hotel rooms on the Internet (Online booking). as any other sites HotelTravel is seeking to profit by taking commissions from booking through it and the rest of the paid money goes to the hotel. And as you know these sites, including HotelTravel is looking for the fame and the money so to achieve this goal they rely on the commercial ads on the publishers' web sites such as your blog or website. The site does not pay like other sites only per click (CPC) or according to the proportion of CPM, but by placing their ads in your site or your blog.  do not you believe it? Ok. Keep reading and you will find the truth. 

How do I get 200 dollars from the site HotelTravel

We just have said that you get paid by placing their ads in your site. And, this can be by placing ads banners or an  affiliate links in your pages. Then, then you get the commission for hotel booking 200 dollars per year. So to get your commission follow these steps:

Step 1: Have a website or a blog.

First you need to create your own blog or website. So go ahead and build one for your business which has to be about tourism or Traveling and in English. You can start with a Blogger blog or any other platform. By the way, you do not need a custom domain ( the free domain (www.your is enough for your purpose.   

Warning: If you want to use WordPress to this affiliate program you should read first their Terms Of Service. As they are very sensitive about affiliate programs so they may block your account because they consider your ads just spam. So be careful!

Step 2: Your blog has to have at least 25 posts

Yes, it seems very hectic, but I think this step will not stop you if you really want to earn this money. Just write anything about traveling or tourism in general or in specific, it does not matter. But do not copy and paste from other sites. If HotelTravel find that your posts are copied from any other site your request to use their affiliate program will be rejected. Use your creativity and write something useful.

Step3: Join the program and start making money

Once you have done and your blog has a decent number of posts you just Go to HotelTravel Partner and click Join Now to fill in a form about your personal information. 

Note: You may find this message pops up when you click on Join now. This because of the number of people who join this program increases every day, so the site will be frozen for a while. You should wait to reach your goal.

Step 4: Log in to your account to get your ads code

After your information form is filled, your request will be delivered to whom may concern to say, "YES" or "NO" about your request. I am pretty sure if you follow all the steps above as I said they definitely will say YES and you will find their acceptance message sparkling in your inbox.  

Now go to your HotelTravel account and get your banners code and place it in your site and that is it   You will not take all your 200 dollars at once. But the site will give you 16.66 dollars a month (12 months X16.66$=200$). But why? Because the site want to make sure that you are not bluffing and you are serious about your business and their business as well. Remember that they start pay you within 30 days right after your request is accepted. Is that not great idea! 

WarningDo not even think after you get your money to delete your blog or to remove their ads because they will find out your trick and your money transaction will be ended. 

The site also offers you another method to earn money, which is you get 0.1$ per click CPC, no matter your visitors nationality or how long do the stay in your site. What matters is the number of your visitors, your site traffic.more traffic, more Clicks, more money!. And, by the way your earning from CPC will be added automatically to your 16.66 dollars every month.

 Last word:

When you send your request and they give you the permission to place their ads in your site, you may find some clicks on one ad, do not be excited. The support department of HotelTravel site is examining the links. But sooner you will get many clicks on those ads and will be more excited.

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  1. pls ive been blogging for about 8months now and ive not made any kobo am so confused and i even buy internet subscription with money. Ilove blogging and i dont want to stop pls how can i monetise my blog. tanks

    1. Could you tell me what's your blog URL and what is about?


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