Why sometimes you should move from wordpress to blogger?

If you're a Wordpress fan, you should read this post carefully! 

You might run into this message if you’ve violated the WordPress.com TOS, but sometimes mistakes happen and an account might be suspended in error. Or maybe your account has been hacked and you have gotten locked out.

There are several reasons why you might see this message unexpectedly.

WordPress suspension                  
If you find yourself staring at a message like the one above, the first thing you should do is go to the WordPress.com Suspended Blog page and make sure you haven’t violated their Terms of Service.
If you did violate the TOS, and it was an honest mistake, they might suspend your blog for a long time or forever!, then you have to move to a self-hosted software like wordpress.org
Weather you  violated the TOS or you didn't there is a form to fill out at the bottom of the Suspended Blog page.
Say what you want to say in this form, there is always somebody reads your message, and remember that the person who will be reading your message is NOT the person who suspended your blog. A lot of these things are done automatically by the system, but trust me solving your problem is not guaranteed!.

They are Very serious about the Terms Of Service and if you violate them some how your blog with its Domain/URL (i.e.: “example.wordpress.com”) and contents will not be returned. WordPress has gotten very strict with affiliate links. In their TOS, they said that they will not allow their blogs for SEO purposes. For one link to another site or  if you scrap existing content from other sources (even if you own it) to your WP blog they  suspend it.... Dictatorship!
Here what Wordpress says about suspending blogs:

"If a blog has been found to be in breach of our Terms of Service, it will be suspended. In some cases, we may disable posting on the blog and add a warning note in your dashboard that will provide a link that you can use to contact us regarding the issue. Note that, in many cases, we will not contact you and request that the offending content be modified or removed."

The way they handle it is so irritating, This is unduly harsh – it seems you should know what term you are violating and be given an opportunity to correct the problem. 
 It’s tough to swallow that all that work can just vanish with no warning and no recourse.

And then they give you the magical solution for your problem which is using wordpress.org, the self-hosted version of the software. But  that other host will have the similar policies thou!.
It Seems that the site is now just for absolute newbies who are just posting an online diary with no aspirations to ever do anything more.
ADVICE: Do not use a WordPress hosted site – get your own domain name. Now I use COSMOWTOWN and it was so easy to point it to my blogger. Most honest sites, and friendly too.
I like that they post their fixed prices! They don't ask for a dollar one year, then jack it to thirty the next!. They really stand by their word! Truly worthy using this domain registration service to register your domain. It is nice that Cosmotown does not dupe customers by varying their prices every year. You are in safe hands with this domain registrar with free "Whois" privacy!
But if you would rather not to move to another platform and run your blog on WordPress so you can host your site and get FREE domain at Domain.com with Every Hosting Plan. It is very cheap either for your domain and your web hosting  $9.99 per year for the domain and $4.75/m for the web hosting. The good news is set up is free and they charge you no more money!

>>>So what is the solution if something like this happened?

1-Contact Wordpress and explain your problem in brief.

They may take a while (48hrs) to reply, but  believe it or not, someone will reply you. If there's no answer, then you can move to the second solution.

2- Host your own WordPress site. 

This can be fun and rewarding, but it also requires some technical knowledge and places more responsibility on you, the publisher. You can download the WordPress software for free here. And also you can watch this video about Wordpress installation.

But it must be installed on a web server before it will work. You will need to research and install your own themes and plugins. Many hosting providers offer a one-click installation of WordPress. You don't like this? It seems more complicated? O.K, move on to another solution.

3- To avoid this issue in the future try to Backup your contents.

DO NOT write anything directly in your blog, but use your word processor and then upload. But unfortunately you can't do this if your domain name is like: yourdomain.wordpress.com, because the backup option is not available in the free host account. Your domain should be yourdomain.com because it has a plug-in for this you can install it. But even for those who use the free WordPress blog they still can have a backup or a copy of their Contents, images, links, etc... By using import and export option in the dashboard. That way, if the worst happens, you still have your information intact. Nobody can be trusted these days. Google taught us that!

4-Start a blog on your own domain and your own server.

Host your blog on your own sites/servers, especially for hosting doesn't cost too much anymore and you get quite a bit more control over it that way.

5-If you get tired of Wordpress to move your contents to another Platform. Here are the 15 best blogging platforms on the web today:

WordpressBlogger                  Tumblr      Medium      Svbtle      Quora      Pistachio      Google+

Facebook Notes      Sett      TryGhost      SquareSpace      TypePad      Posthaven;    LinkedIn


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